Dating Tips on Dating and Money: Who Pays?

Dating and money: who pays? What are the expectations? Does it matter if it’s an online setup or a date with someone you’ve already met? These dating tips were discussed during a recent telegathering I hosted for long-term relationship seekers and marriage-minded people. In today’s world, online dating and societal shifts have blurred the lines of responsibility, which makes these relationships questions more difficult to answer than they once were.

Prior Planning

My first dating tip is that the cost of the date doesn’t matter as much as the effort that goes into the planning. I cannot stress this enough: Do your planning. Whether you have $10 or $100, you can make a date memorable by putting some thought into your dates. There’s an extensive list of ideas online at my website. If you live in the DC area you go to “Great Places to Take a Date” at for helpful dating tips on where to take a date.

Cost Effective Courting

In today’s economy, most of us need to be more cost effective with our choices, including our dates. If you are someone with a solid income, then consider yourself lucky. For many of us, planning is even more important in making your date know that you are interested in pursuing a possible relationship. Another great dating tip is that it doesn’t have to cost a lot to date. We have concerts, theatre in the park, botanical gardens and so many nice places you can take a date. You don’t have to spend a lot of money, especially in the early stages on courtship.

Women, if you’re on a budget, buy some groceries and cook for your guy. Time and again my male clients who pay for the majority of dates have told me how much the simple effort of a home cooked meal means to them. They also don’t want to feel like they are always giving and not getting any effort back.

If you live in DC, you can find cost friendly options at A picnic at a free concert means much more to a woman if the details are worked out beforehand (i.e., blanket, chairs, picnic basket of food, wine or drink). In today’s busy world, many women enjoy having everything planned for them in advance so they can relax during the date. I know I always appreciated this. My husband Alan did this for me on one of our first dates.

And Who Pays?

The traditional answer was that the man should always pay. Today, however, that’s not always the case…Lots depends on each ones relative incomes. However, my dating tip for you is that on the first meeting set up via an Internet dating site, you should not expect the other person to pay. So if you’re meeting for coffee, each person should expect to pay for his or her own share of the tab. Most women will appreciate it if you pick up her tab. However, this should not be expected on a meeting when you’ve never met one another prior to the date.

Another key dating tip is that if you have met your date prior to your initial date and you asked for the date, then, you should plan on paying. I heard a horror story from one of my clients who was asked out by a man to an expensive restaurant and then asked to split that big check…and her portion of the meal only cost a fraction of the man’s! Remember, the same applies to you: if you ask a man for a date, be prepared to pull out your purse. The man may insist on paying in the end – however, you should plan on paying if you do the asking.

My last dating tip for you is that if the man pays for dinner, it would be nice if the woman offered to pay for the movie or parking. Today, men are looking for partners and it shows you don’t expect to be given everything. A man will appreciate the offer even though he may insist on paying for the whole date. Again, your relative incomes do matter in dating relationships.

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Amy Schoen, MBA, CPCC is a certified professional life coach and a national dating and relationship expert. Schoen, author of “Motivated to Marry: Now There’s a Better Method to Dating and Relationships” and “Get It Right This Time: How to Find and Keep Your Ideal Romantic Relationship”. Learn more about Coach Amy, her products, services and free teleclasses at

Online Dating Sites – The Best Place To Find The Special Someone

Online dating sites have opened doors for most lovers to find their suitable life partners in a convenient and quick manner. There are several dating websites on the Internet that offer free dating services, for instance, Meet Marketing Adventures. These free online dating websites are exciting frontiers, providing huge opportunities for you to find your prefect soul mate, meet new people from different parts of the globe with diverse culture, and different personalities. However, before you start responding to those appealing emails, there are some rules that they should keep in mind.

The love relationships may be hindered for various reasons. A recent breakup might leave individuals stranded with feelings of solitude and abridged social circles. They might have experienced some changes in their lives that may be a divorce, or relocation to a new city or passing out from college. In these circumstances, it may be difficult for individuals to make new friendships or meet new people. Online dating can provide a lot of variety and spice up things with excitement. Those who are new to the online dating scene, they should be aware of several things that would really help them a lot.

Individuals may opt for a free online dating website just to get entertained in online chat rooms, or search for someone to spend their time together during the weekend, or find their most suitable life partner. Individuals need to determine their goals for free online dating that would really help them avoid heartbreaks due to failed relationships in future. Online dating websites and groups are the most frequently used tools for people who want to have little fun and are probably searching for their true love. Individuals can take advice and help from friends to refer a free website for online dating that have changed their lives forever.

Dating online for free can be thoroughly exciting as it is lot easier to browse personal profiles of people you’d like to connect with and probably build a relationship rather than just striking a conversation with the person on the other end in the normal world case scenario. Individuals need to be optimistic and choose the best profiles that match with their own personality. One can always search for other options if dating sites that they select are not able to help them find their prefect soul mate. This will probably help you avoid confusing and uncontrolled emotions and minimize effort to find a prefect life partner.

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How Speed Dating is Like a Job Interview

Job interviews have a lot in common with dating in general, first dates especially. However, when you look at speed dating, the similarities really increase. That’s because it’s so condensed, planned for efficiency, and loaded with pressure. I thought about it for a while and came up with a few key similarities.

A short time to say a lot – When speed dating, and interviewing for a job, you have a very limited amount of time to sell yourself to the other, while learning whether the other is worth your time.

You dress to impress – With both speed dating and interviews, you go in dressing for the part. For one you want to look professional and responsible, and the other you want to look attractive and desirable, but the pretense is still the same: sell them on the first impression.

First impressions are everything – Speed dating is all about first impressions. On a regular first date, the first couple minutes determine how the other person will perceive you. In speed dating, all you get is those couple of minutes. When it comes to job interviews, there are a lot of studies that point out how the first few seconds in which you are looked at and greeted, can shape the outcome greatly.

You leave wondering how you did – When your speed date is with someone you didn’t have interest in, then whatever. Same with a job interview. When it goes well though, you spend the next while wondering if the other felt the same. Then you wait by the phone, wondering if they’ll call—or you wait wondering if the speed dating organizer will send you a mutual match.

One of the ways things differ though, is that in many cases both people feel like the applicant. Sometimes that’s not the case, and one person is so loaded with confidence and/or appeal that everyone spends their time selling themselves to them. Have you been speed dating? Had a few job interviews lately? Does any of this sound accurate to you?

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Tips On How To Get The Most Out Of Online Dating

Online dating may be the best option for those busy people who might want to search and look for the best profiles and make friends with the persons of their liking. While opting for dating online, individuals should however, be very cautious of the dating websites and be aware of safety tips on online dating that can help them in several ways. People may have their own guides, though there are some useful tips that can direct them to stay secure utilizing these simple tips on online dating. There are several reviews and guidelines on online dating that individuals may apply in their dating game on plenty of free online dating sites.

A free online dating website may even be targeted by criminals and hackers. The prime rule while opting for dating online is not to disclose all the personal details and financial information in the dating profiles. Individuals may opt for membership at these dating sites however; they should not reveal vital personal information on their profiles. Most of the guides on dating online will advice people to keep their profiles very simple, and at the same time ensuring that the profiles are designed to attract other members.

Another important thing to remember is that while dating online for free, individuals should not share their personal information in their dating profiles. A free website for online dating is probably the best way to meet people and share messages and ideas with others through the dating website but they can also be –knowingly or unknowingly – a good source for spammers and scamsters. You should avoid using their permanent residential address, contact numbers and email address on their dating profiles. Most of the guides and tips on dating online will warn individuals of the several cheaters and miscreants that may want to grab information; so you should use some tact while sharing crucial information through your online dating profiles.

Planning to meet a prospective match you came across on an online dating website? Make sure you meet the person face to face at some public place after your initial online dating contact. It’s up to you eventually where you decide to meet for your first meeting, but make sure both can feel comfortable. Individuals should however, take their time to know each other to determine where the relationship is heading before making longer plans.

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First Date Tips for Overcoming Nervousness

Most people get nervous before a first date, and this is normal. It’s especially normal if you get the feeling that this is going to be a person you really like. Combating that nervousness isn’t very hard, especially if you know yourself well. Consider the following first date tips on nervousness, and choose the ones you feel are right for you.

Get a pep talk – That’s what friends are for. Call a friend before a date, talk about something fun and different, and essentially, just get your mind off the coming date. Basically, this will get you in the perfect mood to go out and have a good time.

Have a drink – A glass of wine before you leave your house could help a lot. If you’re driving, but think this wine idea may suit you well, then show up early and have a glass of wine at a place near where your date will take place. Don’t drink too much though, we’re just trying to get you relaxed, not knocked out.

Go where you’re comfortable – Plan to have the date somewhere that will keep you comfortable. The bar scene isn’t for everyone, nor are restaurants that serve food you won’t like. Avoid these places because if the situation makes you nervous, the whole date will make you nervous.

Play your favorite music – While driving to the date, or while sitting on the bus, play some great upbeat tracks. Good music will actually get your spirits up, and that’s the goal. You may even want to choose a date spot where you know the music will be something you can get into.

Other good ideas include reminding yourself of all your best qualities, coming up with things to talk about, and dressing in comfortable clothes. What do you do to keep your nerves from getting the better of you while you’re on a first date? Let us know.

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