Give A Great Compliment

Most of us know when we have received an insincere compliment. We also know that giving compliments can be tricky.

How can you give a sincere sounding compliment without being overly enthusiastic? If you do not know how to comfortably do this, you risk coming off as fake and the other person is not likely to appreciate it.

Sheila an expert on East Indian Dating suggests “Even if you meant what you said as a positive, a poorly timed or overly “gushy” compliment will be perceived as insincere. It is almost better to not compliment someone at all if you have not learned how to do it properly.”

The Elements of a Sincere Compliment

Timing. If you work closely with someone and see them on a daily basis you should give the compliment as soon as you are aware of their achievement or recognition. If you do not see your co-worker on a daily basis it is alright to take a couple of days to compliment their achievement.

Audience. Never give a compliment unless there is someone else around to hear you give it. This way the person receiving the compliment is more likely to believe you are sincere since you have spoken in a positive way about them in front of others. Another way to do this is to send a written note or email congratulating them on their success.

Tone. Your tone is important as well. Keep your compliment simple and warm but do not gush and go on and on. For instance, your co-worker has been working on a big project and gotten a promotion. When the time is right and there are several others around, simply make a point of giving them a warm smile and say “congratulations, I hear you really did a great job”. Shake hands or give a pat on the back. Your tone is appreciative of their recognition but not overly enthusiastic.

The worst thing you can do is compliment someone on something that is obviously untrue. Avoid compliments about personal things like weight or appearance.

Opt for simple compliments on things like the quality of a person’s work or if it is a social situation, how nice it has been to enjoy a great conversation with someone. Learning how to give a sincere compliment can help you at work and in your personal life. The best compliment is one that comes naturally.

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Bloody Good Dating Principles

The appearance on TV of the Salvatore brothers has tipped a precarious balance to the point of no return. It’s official: the only hot, inspiring, sensitive men to dream-date are vampires. Sad state of affairs, isn’t it?

I’ve held back as long as I can from conceding that these creatures—the archetypes of our own inner addictions and dark side—are actually the only fascinating male characters on TV. I’ve capitulated, becoming one of those screaming fans who go wild when the beautiful and sensitive Damon and Stephan come on screen. Unlike Robert Pattison’s fans, who exercise no restraint in the movie theatres, I, in the privacy of my living room, get to preserve my respectability when the objects of my desire begin showing what there are made of. There’s nothing like the high of watching vulnerable, emotionally complex men on my own TV from my very own couch.

Yes, that’s the best part of it. This is as good as television gets for women. In days gone by, we had to go to the movie theatre, or reserve our moment of abandon for a special outing, to see those characters who capture our dreams and take us on a ride to fantasyland. Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, Paul Newman could only trigger our innermost desires on the public screen, or on TV so much later as to ruin the effect. Now we can turn on the lust and fall in love with the vampire male species as often as every week, more if you follow the many vampire sagas currently offered on TV.

Why are women so crazy in love with the new representation of masculinity in vampire chronicles?

· Women love multilayered, intellectual connections. Vampires understand history and seem to have a good handle on the evolution of the world. Being immortal and maintaining the age when they were turned, vampires have witnessed the world for centuries.

· Unlike human men, vampires have done a 180-degree turn and embraced their other side. They have developed from one-dimensional creatures of the night to well-rounded, educated, well-spoken members of society who can, in some cases, also live their lives during the day.

· From Bill to Eric to Edward to Stephan and Damon, they represent many characters. Instead of the same-old Matthew McConaughey or George Clooney stereotype of the macho-yet-soft or distant male with the buff body or I-look-great-in-a-suit persona, vampires portray, physically and intellectually, a much broader range of possibilities.

· They have morphed from being creepy creatures of no substantial physical appearance, anemic and emaciated like Count Dracula, to being fully present in their bodies, conscientious about workout routines and proper eating habits, intentional about their diet of choice.

· Nothing compares to sex with a vampire, so says the storyline of True Blood, to offering your blood and receiving theirs in a moment of extreme need. Nothing compares to the carnal experience of the aphrodisiac of V-juice, to the stamina it gives both women and men.

· Vampires seem to be monogamous and loyal to their partners for eternity. If they are not, then they are able to charm you into forgetting all the nasty things they have done to you. Who wouldn’t wish that her ex had been like that and liberated her from years of wanting revenge after finding out that he had had nineteen affairs while being married to her for only four years?

· Last but not least, what women love most about being loved by a vampire is that vampires don’t fear their lover’s mortality. In fact, they envy it and are fascinated by their partner’s aging process. Isn’t that just closing the deal?

Women, hold onto your good, old-time principles. Human men, wake up! All that women want are multilayered and monogamous partners. Give us your blood, metaphorically, and be big enough to receive ours. Be intentional in your choices and embrace the fact of human aging, in yourself and others.

A few short decades ago, these qualities constituted the bottom line. Nowadays, they seem to be simply … out of this world! Don’t let these good principles go to waste. Let’s draw some conclusions for everyone’s dating life.

Bloody Good Dating Tips 4 Women & Men

· Be multilayered and continue to grow.
· Challenge your comfort zone. Stretch to new dimensions.
· Look after your intellect and body (in that order).
· Be present and intentional in what you do and what you put into your body.
· Be available to your partner emotionally and physically.
· Embrace monogamy.
· Embrace the humanness of aging and shift into different stages of life with flow.

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Life/Business/Dating Coach
Author of 30 DAYS TO A NEW YOU: Get What You Want Through Authentic Change

Free Dates For Toronto Singles

Sure, you don’t need to spend money to have a good time, but surely you need to spend some in order to show your date a good time. Well, that’s not the case anymore. Single women and single men are accustom to the low budget, no budget dating scene and most people are totally at peace with it so long as the company is good. So, if you’re good company you’ll have no problem with these kinds of dates at all.

Check out a museum on the free night – Some of the bigger museums in cities like Toronto and New York have nights where anyone can get in for free. One Toronto museum even advertised this as their date night a while back, and it got a pretty good reception. Look for these nights being advertised, and ask your date out on a night like that.

Free movies galore – Free movies aren’t hard to come by. New York singles know this, as do singles in Montreal. In fact, just about any large city offers free movies year round, if you know where to look. In the summer it’s easier, as they are always playing in the park. This past year, Toronto movie fans had an option for a free flick several nights a week all summer long.

Go for a romantic walk – Walking and talking is an underrated dating activity. It’s a beautiful thing though, if you handle things right. The nice thing about a walk is that it can be romantic, but also a great way of bringing two people closer together. The more stop-offs you make along your route, the more you’ll both feel like you’ve known each other forever.

Ideas for free dates Toronto can go on and on. If you have any that you’ve been on, share the dating tips with us here. Describe the date, what made it free, and whether it was a success or not. Just add a comment below and keep up the conversation.

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Take Out The Online Trash – Sidestep The Red Flag

In our modern world, your personal information is easier for people to find than you may realize. Take these steps if you want to make sure a potential partner does not find anything online that shows you in a negative light or you know it is time to clean up your act.

It has been all over the news and yet some people still think that their online information will not be seen by anyone other than their “friends”. You are wrong.

A recent poll showed that almost 80% of the people you meet to date will do search for online information about potential partners. While less than 10% of people dating online realize this.

Sheila, an expert in East Indian Dating states “Wake up and smell your future. If you belong to any one of the multiple online information sharing engines out there the chances are you need to do some clean up work and do it fast.”

Get Your Personal Information in Order

• Find out what’s out there. Go ahead and Google yourself. Make sure you do this from outside your Gmail account. This way you will see the results as your employer will see them.

• Get rid of junk you have posted. This means taking down any compromising pictures or entries and changing your privacy settings. This alone may not be enough because once you have information out there someone else can re-post or send stuff you thought was long gone.

• Out with the old. If you did find some things on Google that you did not like, try to create new information that reflects what you want people to see. New information will show up first before the old, not so good stuff. You can create your own website or blog. You can also go to sites like LinkedIn or Vimeo to create some positive network information about yourself. This is a super easy way to “stuff” Google with things you can feel good about being seen by potential dates.

• Promote yourself. Use online networking sites like You can also add pictures of your recent volunteer activity or other things that show you as a great human being that any future date would want to have as their partner.

It may never be possible to remove everything that you have ever posted but you can clean up your online reputation. Follow the steps above and remember to think before you post in the future.

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Dining Dates on a Budget

It’s one thing to have to watch what we spend, but to be on a tight budget while dating can be a bit of a downer. It’s hard to present yourself as someone worth dating if you can’t afford to go out and do nice things. The good news is that a lot of people are okay with that these days. We’re all on tight budgets, and don’t have oversized expectations for the dating scene. Still, it doesn’t make the whole thing that easy to swallow.

The best budget dating tip is to avoid dinners and movies. Right there you can save a fortune. Especially on the early dates in a relationship, these things just aren’t great to do anyway. Dinner is too much of a time commitment and movies are too antisocial. Once you get to the point where you’ve been dating a while, going for dinner doesn’t have to be the only option for eating.

In fact, once you’ve been dating for a bit, making each other dinner is a great money saving strategy. Invite your date over and cook. The more creative you are, the better the meal and the more you save. If you aren’t much of a cook, have your date help out, or make light of the fact that you aren’t a gourmet. Macaroni and cheese by candle light can actually be quirky sweet.

The cool thing about dating is that it’s often the simpler things that prove to be most romantic and therefore more appreciated. Take picnics as another example. These are even easier to orchestrate than dinners at home and involve very little talent. They also cost even less. Not good whether? Do an indoor picnic. Again, this makes it even simpler, but the fact that you thought of it is just sweet impressive.

In all your dating experience, what tips have you come across from dining on a budget? If you have any great ways to impress your date with a meal without spending big bucks, share them now. Just add a comment below.

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