Ultimate A-Z Guide to Attracting and Keeping Your Soul Mate – MMA 8 Part Series (Part 7 of 8)

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S is for Sexy

The meaning of sexy: 1. Sexually attractive or exciting 2. Sexually aroused. Sexy is an adjective people use to describe a person or thing that attracts them or arouses them in a sexual way. What someone finds sexy however varies from person to person. One does not have to be physically attractive or physically fit to be sexy. In fact looks don’t always play a huge role for some people to find someone sexy. There are however a few desirable traits that both men and women express “turns them on” and attitudes and behaviors that also turn them off. People often say that someone who is a “total package” is very sexy. Common traits that people find appealing are confidence, driven, ambitious, go-getter types, sociable and sometimes aggressive dominant personalities. Someone who knows what they want and expresses themselves well through great communication skills is often someone that peaks interest in others. Women find men that are well-groomed and stylish to be very sexy. When you exude confidence and seem to be someone who is well-balanced and has a happy disposition, you will be sure to draw attention to yourself and become more desirable to the opposite sex.


T is for Trust

Trust is the foundation of all relationships. It’s important that you don’t allow past relationships where trust was breached, to get in the way of anyone new that comes into your life. When you have doubts, you need to be honest and upfront and talk openly about your feelings so you don’t harbor negative feelings. Jealousy and insecurity are relationship killers. Someone who keeps their promises and actually says what he/she does are actions of someone trustworthy. If your behavior is not consistent with how you described yourself over the phone or on an online profile, this would cause someone new to doubt you. Always be clear in your communication and you do not need exaggerate or stretch the truth just to impress someone. It’s very hard to live a lie.

U is for Understanding

Men and women alike are looking for someone who understands andappreciates them. When people understand you, they have a better appreciation for you also because this means that they “get you”. How does one get the other person? Understanding is a major foundation for maintaining a healthy relationship. Communication helps you to achieve an understanding of your partner. Asking questions that help you to know what’s going on or what your new partner likes and dislikes will help you get a better
perspective of who he/she is, so that you are not wondering and worrying and/or making assumptions about his/her thoughts and what his/her actions might mean.

Ultimate A-Z Guide to Attracting and Keeping Your Soul Mate – MMA 8 Part Series (part 1 of 8)

Thousands of singles out there are searching for the “Secrets” to finding and keeping their soul mate. Although many will tell you there really isn’t a fool proof way to find your life partner, I would argue that there are some key “do’s and don’ts” and helpful tips that can assist you with your journey to finding someone special. If you’ve joined Meet Market Adventures you will end up meeting a lot of great singles that share common interests and may possibly even find your “Mr/Mrs. Right” if that’s what you’re searching for.

To prepare you for this journey, and to ensure a successful more rewarding dating experience, we want to share with you some great Tips in an 8 part series that you can use to provide you with a greater opportunity of finding and keeping a relationship that will last.

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Part 1: The A, B, C’s to Attracting and Keeping Your Soul Mate

A is for Adventurous

Being adventurous is a highly desirable quality and your search to find, meet and attract the right person should be treated as an adventure. You already on a great adventure by being part of Meet Market Aventures! When it comes to adventurous dating; it means that you are willing to take risks and tryout new methods, ideas and experiences. Many adventures are considered “risky”; but without risk, there’s no reward. And many successful daters, those who actually found, met and fell in love with their significant others took some form of risk, some form of action to have the success they experienced.

B is for Balance

Have you heard of the expression to have a healthy lifestyle you need to have a “balanced diet”? Well it couldn’t be truer when it comes to having total overall balance in your personal life as well. Maintaining balance in all areas of your life, will help you have a more relaxed and positive experience where it comes to dating as well. A big reason why so many people are single is because they do “too much” of something and not give themselves time to rest, relax and enjoy themselves. Are you a workaholic as an example? Well unless you want to continue being married to your job, or feel hostage to your work schedule, you will have to plan for dating and schedule much needed time off for you to be available to attend events and start your search to meeting the right partner. It may not be realistic to be in total balance between personal interests, friends, family, relationships and career. A better balanced life allows you to achieve your relationship goals faster and allow you to be at your best to experience your full potential in all other areas of your life.

C is for Confidence

Almost every man and woman I have interviewed in my career as a Matchmaking Expert has said to me they are attracted to someone with confidence. Possessing confidence in yourself and in your pursuit to finding the right person will give you a great amount of success over someone who is unsure and doubtful that anything they do is ever going to work. We need to remember that happiness comes from within. No one can really control our thoughts except us. To develop your confidence you need to be conscious at all times of your thinking. A confident person is a happy person and one that believes in himself/herself. We become what we think, so why not think positively about your abilities, strengths and efforts where it comes to meeting the right person. You need to feed your mind with positive thoughts as well as surround yourself with positive people. Do not be a person who blames their situation on their circumstances. Accept it and move towards improving whatever areas in your life you need to and continue to develop a confident and winning attitude. People who are successful in life do not necessarily have more talent, knowledge and skill than others; sometimes all they have which gives them an advantage is the RIGHT ATTITUDE and a specific goal they would like to achieve.

Now that you have the A, B & C’s to attracting and keeping your soul mate; keep them in mind when you are out on your next adventure or just going about your dating life as you meet new people and try new things. Enjoy the Adventure, maintain your Balance and do it with Confidence.

Until Next Time,

Your MMA Matchmaking Expert

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Great Questions To Ask Yourself

As a coach, I often ask certain questions which help my clients figure out what they deeply want in life and the best way to get it. Below are a few of the questions I often ask. I’m sharing them with you so that you could ask yourself these questions. I have seen people answer these questions and dramatically improve their lives.

1. What effect do you want to have on the world? Your existence is going to have an effect on the world so it’s important to think about what effect you want that to be. Do you want to create a beautiful family, cure a disease, or help others in need? If your answers are unclear, I recommend you ask yourself this question every day until your answers become clearer.

2. Why are you spending your time worrying? Worrying is essentially fear and anxiety about a hypothetical event. This event may or may not happen and you have little, if any, control over the result. Worrying about hypothetical events ruins your happiness and distracts you from doing what is truly in your best interest. To stop worrying, I encourage you to instead think about what you are grateful for and do not stop until you are no longer worried.

3. Is that really going to keep you safe? The short answer is that life is unpredictable so you never can really keep yourself safe. The best way to cope with this fact is to develop the courage to go for what you truly want while having the faith that you will be able to do whatever you need to do when the time arises.

4. Are your thoughts helping you or hurting you? Your level of happiness at any given moment is determined by your thoughts. If you create a miserable story you will suffer in pain. If you create a positive story which focuses on gratitude you will feel joy. I start every morning by telling myself that today I will choose joy, balance and peace. I suggest you always choose the thoughts that will help you live the life you want.

I hope that after you ask yourself these questions, you’ve learned a little more about yourself. I’d love to hear how asking yourself questions affects you so feel free to send me an email or comment on my blog.

Until Next Time,

Dateologist Tracey L. Steinberg, Esq.
Life Coach and Dating Expert

Bringing Romance Back

Anyone who wants to be romantic can be. Being romantic is really just the act of expressing your affection for your Someone Special in a way that they’ll appreciate. When it is sincere, it is a truly beautiful gift.

If you don’t have a lot of time or if you aren’t very familiar with your Someone Special, I recommend candles, background music, flowers, chocolates, and/or a beautiful card in which you express your affection and appreciation for them. The reason these traditions have lasted throughout the generations is because people have always appreciated these types of romantic gestures.

If you really want to romance your Special Someone, I recommend that you spend some time thinking about what really gets your Someone Special excited and what makes their eyes light up. Everyone has a different definition of what they find romantic. The best way to show someone how special they are to you is by demonstrating that you know, better than anyone else in the world, what makes them unique. Perhaps they have a favorite chocolate dessert or they love watching their favorite team play. Choosing to do something that makes them uniquely happy will be more meaningful to them and will be much more romantic.

Until Next Time,

Dateologist Tracey L. Steinberg, Esq.
Life Coach and Dating Expert

How To Really Look Good At The Beach

Now that beach season in full swing, you may have had a few, “is this really how my body looks?” thoughts. Next time you are tempted to think negatively about your body parts, I recommend that you instead focus on what your body is capable of. Worship your legs for enabling you to catch the train, adore your arms for enabling you to carry heavy packages, and celebrate your smile for revealing the joy in your heart.

By consistently focusing on your gratitude for your body, you’ll grow to appreciate your body more and feel more confident about yourself. Feeling gratitude for your body will not only help you feel better about your appearance and yourself in general but it is also very attractive to the sexy strangers you see on the beach. My male and female clients both consistently tell me that the most attractive trait in the opposite gender is confidence. By focusing on what you appreciate about your body, you will not only feel better about yourself but you’ll also be more attractive to sexy strangers as well!

Until Next Time,

Dateologist Tracey L. Steinberg, Esq.
Life Coach and Dating Expert