Do You Party Like You Used To?

There was a time when we would all hit the clubs and stay out until the sun came up. We’d be fueled by the energy around us, and not some cup of caffeine. We’d listen to loud music, and when it was turned off we’d head home with friends and listen to loud music there. It was fun. It was good times. It all came to an end.

Or did it? I’ve been meeting more and more people lately who are over thirty and still have a lot of wild evenings to speak of. They go out clubbing at least once a week, but often more. They stay up all night and then the following day, and they actually manage to look like they belong when they do it.

That’s the hardest thing, I think. How does one hang onto our younger partying selves without looking like a creepy old person trying desperately to fit in? It can’t be easy, because, let’s face it, we are creepy old people. I think the key is not to try to fit in. That will come fairly naturally if we just go out and have the kind of fun we want.

It makes me wonder though, how many people actually keep a wild lifestyle going on, and what does that entail? I figure it’s something that happens on weekends, as opposed to random days of the week, and it happens within a reasonable extreme. It’s like, as we get older, we manage to completely let go of ourselves, but still hang on to some small sense of responsibility.

Tell us, do you party like you used to? Describe what the used-to is all about, and then what you do these days when you need to get out and have a good time? Add a comment below and share your thoughts on all of this.

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